Giants of the Garden

Your Home for Giant Pumpkin Seeds and other Giant Vegetable Seeds

Since 1992, Giants of the Garden has been supplying gardeners and retailers with the highest quality giant vegetable seeds and world class giant pumpkins for display.  With special permission from Howard Dill Enterprises, Giants of the Garden is proud to offer the King of Giant Pumpkin seeds, the Dill's Atlantic Giant.  If you are looking to grow your own giant vegetables or just looking to have the biggest pumpkin and tallest corn on the block, you have come to the right place.

What Giants of the Garden offers is the absolute highest quality giant pumpkin, squash and vegetable seeds at competitive prices.

Giant Pumpkin Seeds For Sale 

What began as a challenge from a neighbor has grown onto the worldwide stage and now only a world record will do.  We invite you to join in the quest to grow the first 3000 pound pumpkin.