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Specimen Squash Seeds

Each giant pumpkin or giant squash seed is marked with an identification code which is the weight of the pumpkin or squash the seed came out of.  This is done during the inspection process as we ensure the seed has cotyledon material inside.  All seed prices include shipping and handling for US orders.  We are no longer able to ship internationally on orders less than $20.00 USD.  Thank You

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 Price Per Seed


  1029 Hester Squash
800 Nielly x 750 Hester
C:172 OTW:104 OTL:102 Total:375"
Est: 1184 Lbs - 8.54% Light
$10.00 USD  

885 Hester Squash
750 Hester x 800 Nielly
C:137 OTW:101 OTL:91 Total:329"
Est: 749 Lbs - 18.10% Heavy
$10.00 USD
750 Hester Squash
848 Mackenzie x Sibbed
C:142 OTW:88 OTL:88 Total:318"
Est: 678 Lbs - 10.61% Heavy
$7.50 USD
for 2 seeds
729 Hester Squash
848 Mackenzie x Sibbed
C:138 OTW:87 OTL:83 Total:308"
Est: 617 Lbs - 18.08% Heavy
$5.00 USD
for 2 seeds
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